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"Misti is not only a great stylist, but a genuinely wonderful person who is a joy to work with! Her looks are inspired and creative, and she has tremendous work ethic. I have worked with stylists on countless shoots, and can honestly say Misti definitely stands out from the crowd.

Get her while you still can!  xoxo"

- Kalyn H

“I stand firm that this should be a M U S T on every girl’s to-do-list!

Misti came in with such confidence and tackled my overgrown and outdated closet by weeding out all of the “noise”. The process was so cleansing and she left you with all the necessary tools to be an educated shopper and to shop in confidence. She taught me to work with what I have and to keep adding to it. I’m proud to call her my stylist and plan to visit with her throughout the coming years as we hone in on the image I’m after.”

-Natalie D

"Having Misti come and purge my closet was one of the best decisions I have made for my daily sanity. Now that the "clutter" of unworn, unfashionable, ill fitting clothing is out, I can wear my best things and put together outfits that I would have never thought about (or frankly seen) because everything in there is wearable!"

- Molly N

"I hired Misti to help organize my closet and to help  build a better wardrobe for myself . What I learned through the process was quality vs quantity is key. I had a lot of "noise" in my closet. I now walk in and never feel as though I have nothing to wear!"

- Lindsay A